OWNERSHIP: These condominiums are either owned by Vacation Internationale (VI) or as in the case of the weekly only rentals are on an exchange program with either RCI or Interval International (II).   They are fully stocked vacation rentals timeshare condominiums, not just hotel rooms.  We have several months a year of ownership with VI and rent out what we don't use.  We are also offered very discounted prices for last minute (under 40 day rentals) and offer those reduced rates to you, our guests.  Typically VI owns several units within a complex.  There is on site or at times staff very close by to take care of any needs you may have.  If you rent from us, you will be treated the same as if you were the timeshare owner.  NOTE: We have been contacted by VI and told that some people who are reading our ads are contacting the resorts and/or the corporate office directly. Please do not do so.  VI is a timeshare company, not a rental company and does not want to take calls from non-owners looking for availability or asking other questions.  If after reading below, and noting our PAYPAL status and other credentials, you are still concerned that about renting from us thinking this is one of many scams out there, or don't have enough information after we've done our best to answer your questions, then please find your lodging elsewhere. The VI link we provide is solely for the purpose of providing you with comprehensive unit and complex information. Once your reservation has been made and you have an additional question about check-in or a particular resort or unit amenity that we are unable to answer for you, please feel free to call the resort directly as they are best able to help you. You are then a guest and have every right to all the benefits we do.  If you are interested in buying a timeshare from VI, by all means contact them. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.









DEPOSIT:  We are fully responsible for the condition of the unit.  Typically we put a $100 authorization (not a charge) on a guests credit card.  If payment is by PAYPAL, we charge the $100 extra on PAYPAL and refund it within 3 days of departure.   It takes at least two days for us to be notified of any charges for damages.  In our over 20 years of ownership plus all the times we’ve rented it to others, no one has ever been charged.  The deposit is for damage, not cleaning.  At times with larger parties or younger people we take up to a $300 deposit.  You may leave the unit as you would leave a hotel room.  The check in sheet you’ll receive on arriving simply asks that you dump the garbage and put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start it.









QUALITY OF UNITS:  These are timeshares that are kept in very good condition.  Our highest rates tend to be about 25-30% under the competition.  We have 100% guest satisfaction and are confident you'll find the units beyond your expectations.


NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATION:  There is absolutely no requirement for you to attend anything.  In over 20 years of usage, we've been approached twice at a VI resort by a VI salesperson asking politely if we'd be interested in additional points.  We simply declined.


DISCOUNTS:  We offer discounts to our military, to veterans, thank all of you.  We also offer discounts to some seniors, to those with some disabilities, to Hawaii residents for Hawaii properties, as well as to repeat guests.  Please see our complete guide if you feel you may qualify for a discount.  (See details)


AVAILABILITY:  There are 35,000 timeshare owners that can book any of these units at any time.  A good percentage of people who wait to book and call us back, even a short time later find the units they want booked.  We are able to do a 24 hour hold if that helps you gather information to make a firm decision.  There is no obligation or cost for us to hold the unit for you.  In the event that the unit isn't available, it can be put on a waitlist.  (See details)








SECURITY:   Since there are so many scams out there, the following information is meant to assure you that you are dealing with someone reputable.  I am a Real Estate Associate Broker in Seattle, Washington and have been since 1977.  Before you pay me, we will send you our land line phone number and we will talk on the phone.  If you Google our phone number, you will find Rick Rose and our home address.  My PAYPAL address is  You will see that I am a Verified and Premier member since 2003.Click here to confirm.  You can confirm with PAYPAL that this status isn’t given to account holders who have had any fraudulent activity or complaints.  It requires very detailed financial background checks to be able to take credit cards as well.  Our website is  It takes 100's of hours to put together this website.  You will find that we have a very high Google ranking.  Search "Vacation Internationale Rentals" and you'll see we are normally #1.  We advertise on several vacation rental websites, including Trip Advisor, Vacation Timeshare Rentals, Vacation Rentals Galore and the Vacation Bug.  These sites do background checks as well prior to approving the ads.  Trip Advisor also provides feedback from my prior guests.  See reviews for links to our Trip Advisor ads.  You will see on those ads that we have been verified as owner.  If you are still unconvinced, it may be best to rent directly from a hotel.  






RATES:  Our rates depend on whether your visit is during low or high season and how many days in advance of arrival that you book.  All the rate schedules are posted for each property along with a rate calculator.  The rate calculator is an excel spreadsheet that only requires you input the arrival and departure dates occasionally along with the number of weekend nights you'll be staying.  There are no hidden fees or taxes.  THE RATES ARE ALL-INCLUSIVE.  

For rentals over 40 days in advance there is occasionally an accommodation tax that needs to be paid on-site.  It is about $3/day for a studio, $4 for a 1 bedroom and $5 for a 2 bedroom unit.  This tax is collected in Hawaii and Washington State and may be at some other locations as well.  If you are required to pay a tax on-site, notify us of the amount when you return and we will refund it to you.   If you contact us prior to your arrival to resorts in those states, we will contact the resort by phone and pay the accommodation tax with our credit card.  

Discounts  are available to military, veterans, seniors, and disabled.  We will also strive to beat any other price you find so please send us the competitive link or information and ask.






Direct deposit into Chase or BECU.

Checks:  They will need to clear prior to the reservation being confirmed.  (Don’t try to scam us with fake cashier’s checks; we already have over $50,000 of them and were not fooled.)


Major Credit Cards by telephone.  You will be provided with our phone number when we respond to your e-mail and we have availability.   







REFUNDS:  “Under 40 days” in advance rates are totally non-refundable per VI rules that don’t allow us to cancel.  You may of course rent the unit (sublease) if you wish.  Other reservations cancelled prior to 30 days of arrival will be refunded subject to a $100 charge for cancellations.  If you rent again from us, we will credit you $75 toward your next rental.  If you are concerned that you may need to cancel less than 30 days in advance, VI allows us to purchase that right with an additional $45 paid at time of reservation.  The $100 cancellation fees still apply.  You can also purchase travel insurance if there is a concern about an insurable risk.  We pay non-refundable fees for these discounted rentals and rent to you at very discounted rates compared to owners that offer full refunds.






1.  You contact us by e-mail or phone requesting to book a unit.

2.  We contact Vacation Internationale by phone and put a 24 hour courtesy hold on the unit.  If your request is not during VI business hours (8AM to 7PM PST), we will hold the property when they open.  We are able to make direct reservations for 40 day and more in advance rentals on-line even when VI is closed.  We send a hold confirmation e-mail to our guest.

3.  We receive payment from the guest by telephone (credit card) or by PAYPAL payment.  

4.  We confirm the reservation with VI and send the guest a copy of the reservation in the guest name copied directly from the VI site.





CHECK IN:  On the web page for each resort, you will see a link for the Vacation Internationale owned condos.  If you go to that link, you will see a link on that page for “check-in” information for the condo.  That information is comprehensive.  We are Prestige owners and you will receive the benefits that we receive.  That includes unit upgrade, early check-in and late check-out when available.  It is a good idea to bring your confirmation number with you.  However, you will be checking in with your name.




GENERAL:  Units are never pre-assigned.  This allows management to allocate units most efficiently as reservations change.  This is necessary as these units can be reserved with totally flexible starting dates and number of days stayed.  All the interior of the units within a complex tend to be very similar in condition and amenities.  They are all in very good condition.  Please note that VI does not own entire complexes but rather units within a complex.   There may be owner owned and rented units in the same complex that may be superior and clearly there are ones that are inferior.  We’ve had 100% satisfaction with our units.  There is no nightly maid service.  Stays longer than 8 days have 1 or more mid-term maid services.  There are no pets and no smoking allowed in any unit.  Vacation Internationale is an owner-run Timeshare located in Bellevue, Washington, about 10 miles from my home.  I purchased my first timeshare with them over 20 years ago and have been extremely satisfied.

PROVIDED INFORMATION FOR EACH RESORT  We have made an effort to be very accurate about the information we provide for each of our resorts.  Most of the time, we are relying on an outside party to provide resort details.  If there is a listed feature that is very important to you, please contact us or the resort directly for up to date accurate information.  Also, there can be construction or recent changes that can affect a properties desirability.  We update the "Know before you go" section, which should give you up to date information.  If you want the most recent update, please contact us.




LOW RATES:  Some people wonder how we offer such low rates.  We have an extensive ownership interest in Vacation Internationale (VI) timeshares.  There are several benefits we receive.  One of them is very discounted rates for "Bonus Time" which is under 40 days on VI owned properties and 100 days on exchanges.  We also are given a discount for 60 day and under rentals.  So we pass that discount on, make some profit and offer these wonderful properties to guests at very low rates.  In fact, we pay much more for our own vacations when we book a year in advance than we charge our guests for the last minute rentals.




RENTAL CONTRACT:  We provide a short rental contract that we will ask you to reference that you agree to.
WHEN REQUESTING AVAILABILITY, please provide the requested location.  We have over 30 resorts and as many exchange properties.  Arrival date and number of days of stay requested.  If your dates are flexible, provide what time periods work and we’ll provide an availability calendar.

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