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OWNERSHIP: These condominiums are either owned by Vacation Internationale (VI) and we are timeshare owners that rent out our time.  NOTE: We have been contacted by VI and told that some people who are reading our ads are contacting the resorts and/or the corporate office directly. Please do not do so.  VI is a timeshare company, not a rental company and does not want to take calls from non-owners looking for availability or asking other questions.  MORE       

QUALITY OF UNITS:  These are timeshares that are kept in very good condition.  Our highest rates tend to be about 25-30% under the competition.  We have 100% guest satisfaction and are confident you'll find the units beyond your expectations.

NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATION:  There is absolutely no requirement for you to attend anything.  In over 20 years of usage, we've been approached twice at a VI resort by a VI salesperson asking politely if we'd be interested in additional points.  We simply declined.

DEPOSIT:  We are responsible for the unit so we authorize a refundable deposit.  In our over 20 years of ownership plus all the times we’ve rented it to others, no one has ever been charged.  MORE

DISCOUNTS:  We offer discounts to our military, veterans, some seniors, disabled people, Hawaii residents and repeat guests.

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AVAILABILITY:  These units can book quickly.  We are able to hold units for 24 hours if that helps you gather information to make a firm decision. MORE

SECURITY:   I am a Real Estate Associate Broker in Seattle, Washington and have been since 1977, and am PAYPAL verified since 2003.   Click here to confirm.  We have a very high Google ranking.     MORE

RATES:   THE RATES ARE ALL-INCLUSIVE.  No taxes, no surprises. absolutely no extra fees.  We offer discounts to some and will do our best to beat any competitive rate.  MORE

PAYMENT:  We accept PAYPAL and credit cards by telephone.   MORE

REFUNDS:  “Under 40 days” in advance rates are totally non-refundable.  Other reservations are subject to a $100 cancellation policy.  MORE

PROCEDURE:    Normally we call and put the unit on hold and then the guest makes payment.  After payment, we confirm the reservation in the guests name.  MORE

CHECK IN:  There is a link on the VI site for your resort for all the check-in information.  The reservation will be made in your name.   MORE

GENERAL:  Units are never pre-assigned.  All the interior of the units within a complex tend to be very similar in condition and amenities.  They are all in very good condition.    MORE

LOW RATES:  We have an extensive ownership interest in Vacation Internationale (VI) timeshares and are offered last minute discounts at very low rates.  MORE
RENTAL CONTRACT:  We provide a short rental contract that we will ask you to reference that you agree to.
WHEN REQUESTING AVAILABILITY, please provide the requested location.  We have over 30 resorts and as many exchange properties.  Arrival date and number of days of stay requested.  If your dates are flexible, provide what time periods work and we’ll provide an availability calendar.


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