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   The following agreement is provided to assure that you have read through and understood the information provided to you.  It may take you 5-10 minutes at most to read through all of it.  We don’t want any misunderstandings after your stay about fines you may incur for smoking, or being told you can’t stay because you’ve brought your pet with you for example.  We want your stay and your memories to be enjoyable.


  1. DEFINITION OF TERMS:  VI is Vacation Internationale.  Guest is you, the one renting the unit.  Owner is Rick Rose, a timeshare owner at VI.
  2. Guest has read through Reservation Details.  Guest also has read the resort information on the VI site as well as the "Check-in Info" PDF for the associated complex. (see right)
  3. Guest agrees to abide by occupancy limits, smoking and pet policies as well as any other policies stated in these documents.  Guest also has read and understood the unit descriptions and amenities. 
  4. It is understood that these units are owned and operated by VI.  The weekly rentals are on an exchange program affiliated with either RCI or Interval Internationale.  Owner is renting out his right to use the unit to guest.  Guest will have the same rights and privileges available to owner when using Timeshare unit.
  5. Owner is responsible to VI for any damages caused by guest.  Owner has received a deposit from guest.  Guest will only suffer loss of any or all deposit if owner is charged by VI for damage caused by guest.  In the event that damage exceeds deposit, guest is responsible for excess damage.  In the event of any disagreement about the damage, Owner agrees to present any and all documentation, arguments and evidence provided by guest to VI for review of damage claim.  Owner stipulates that in over 20 years of using VI units and renting to others, he has never been charged for damages as of this date (June 21, 2010)
  6. In the event that guest pays through PAYPAL, and doesn’t do so in a manner which will avoid fees, and doesn’t add those fees on, owner will give guest an opportunity to repay the “correct” way.  Otherwise, the 3% fee will be deducted from the deposit.  PAYPAL Instructions
  7. Guest will be provided with a confirmed reservation very soon after payment is received.
  8. Guest is responsible for confirming the accuracy of the final reservation within 24 hours of receipt.  (We haven't had any mistakes yet)
  9. When replying to this contract, please provide the name you want the room booked with, your address and phone number.


Timeshare Owner

Rick Rose

3340 59th Ave SW

Seattle, Wa  98116




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