Step 1:  Login to Paypal.

Step 2:  Click Send Money.

Step 3:  Fill in the information using the example below. Our PAYPAL address is

IMPORTANT:  Do not send an e-check unless you are willing for us to wait until it clears prior to making your reservation.  It normally takes 4-5 days to do so.

Step 4:  Click Continue

Step 5:  On the next screen, scroll down to the bottom and you may choose to make a note as to what you are renting.  If for any reason, your e-mail address on your Paypal or your name doesn't match the same address or name that you sent your request at, please do make note of the resort and the dates so we can know what the funds are for.

Step 6:  Click Send Money

Step 7:  Optional.  We do receive an automatic e-mail on one of our addresses.  However, feel free to drop a line to and let us know you've paid.  We will after checking the e-mail, confirm the reservation for you and send you a confirmed reservation e-mail.

IMPORTANT:  If you are making payment after 3PM PST, please follow up with a phone call to the number on the e-mail you were sent.  We want to make sure to confirm your reservation prior to closing.


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