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Law Enforcement:  Sadly, more than ever, you put your lives at risk to protect us.  Thank you!

Military (Past and present)  Thank you for serving our country and putting your lives at risk for our freedom.

Repeat guests:  Your repeat business is appreciated.

Seniors on limited income:  If you are over 62 and and on a limited income which makes travel a hardship for you, we're here to help.  We will not ask for verification and trust that all others will pay the low prices we offer. 

Physically challenged:  Those who are unable to move about without a physical aid, or are blind, deaf or have some other serious disabling condition, please take advantage of our discount.

Kama'aina discount for Hawaii properties.

If for any other reason, paying our regular discounted rates is a hardship, feel free to write and ask.  Additional discounts may be granted on a case by case basis.

Applying the discount

On the rate calculator, you'll see "Discount Code."  Please enter "10" for the discounted price.  Or when you write to us, we'll do it for you.  Please let us know which discount you are requesting.  Except as noted above, we reserve the right to request proof in order to receive the discount.